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Hi, my name is Linda Wurns. My husband Vaughn and I own and operate Liberation Mobile Music, providing Mobile Deejay and Karaoke services throughout Northwestern Ohio.

We have been in business about 18 years. I moved to Wauseon in 1984 from Toledo, Ohio where I was born and raised in the same home. The home my father built with his own two hands. My parents continued to lived there until they passed away. It’s now occupied by my brother. I am a 12th child. There were six girls and 7 boys. Everyone of my brothers and sister had some sort of a talent that made growing up in this large family interesting. I had wonderful parents and everyday I thank them for who I am.

Here’s how we got started:

Singing has always been a passion of mine. As a small child I would sing songs and make songs up as I went. My older siblings would take me to the park, stand me on top of the picnic table and I would sing and dance for their friends. Later in years, I married Vaughn (my partner in crime) and I discovered his love for music as well. As a mother I would spend my evening hours singing to my children and passing them the love of music. We made the children so mad when we would sing lyrics to songs that would fit whatever they are trying to talk to us about. You would be surprised how many songs have lyrics that fit every given situation. I got started in the karaoke business purely by accident. A fill in was needed for a karaoke show and I volunteered. I had no idea what I was doing but I had so much fun, from that point on, I knew it was what I wanted to do. When I conveyed this to Vaughn, he too saw it as my destiny. So, we spent time going to different karaoke shows and learning what makes people tick. What people liked about the shows and what they didn’t; and that is what we built our business on. People have no idea what kind of work is involved in the Karaoke/DJ business. It’s much more than what they see at the show. All of my DJ units are custom built by Vaughn himself. Later I decided to try my hand at the DJ aspect of the business and it has become successful as well. I remember when I did my first wedding. I bought as much material as I could and read up on how it was done. I was scared to death. But I did it and I’ve been doing it ever since. I treat weddings like a piece of art. I try and get as creative as possible and make them fun. A successful wedding is a masterpiece.

Two sibling passed away before this picture was taken.

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