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Sometimes planning weddings can be very stressful. Your wedding reception should be fun not stressful.  18 years of wedding experience!


Our goal is not only to provide you with quality entertainment but to help you plan your reception to make it a fun filled, day to remember. We will coordinate the reception with the caters and the photographer making sure each event takes place without delay. I have cordless microphones to accommodate the bridal table for the toast. Dance lights to set the mood (fog machine is available). This guide is designed to help you select and locate music suitable for your wedding. You will find a basic list of the wedding music categories of the most popular songs chosen for wedding events. Mind you this is only a basis list for those who absolutely draw a blank on which direction to go in. You will also find a list of halls that are available for rental. I know there may be many more halls not included on this list. Please feel free to e-mail me with any information on halls not listed with the address and phone number. To simplify reception arrangements I have provided you with a printable wedding agenda. The wedding agenda does not include extra activities I will do above and beyond the normal activities detailed in the agenda. With over 50,000 music titles our job is to make your day a big success. Contracts are available, low contract rates, no hidden costs, $100.00 nonrefundable deposit is required

* Cancelling out dance activities and or demanding very strange music will require an extra $100.00

We as DJ’s count on doing a good job and getting referral’s from wedding we do.  How the reception turns out is a reflection on the DJ not the Bride & Groom

2013 prices Standard weddings $500.00  5 hours Full lights and wedding agenda

Economy weddings $300.00   4 hours flat time NO Over Time no lights. may have wedding agenda


Some song recommendations

List of Some Hall Rentals

Wedding Reception Alcohol List and  Wedding reception slide shows

Wedding Planning Check List

Wedding Supplies & Services

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